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2017 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit

The Louisiana Smart Growth Summit is in its 12th year, hosted by the Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX). CPEX is a nonprofit organization that brings people, culture, and planning together to make great communities happen. 

The Summit is an educational resource for Louisiana’s elected and appointed officials; planning practitioners, such as developers, architects, engineers and planners; and citizen and activist groups. This statewide conference helps to advance communities across Louisiana in their quest to become sustainable and prosperous by providing the opportunity to learn from planning experts as well as hear what challenges and successes other Louisiana communities have faced, creating valuable partnerships. 

The Smart Growth Summit’s discussions highlight the Smart Growth Principles outlined below:
• Create a Range of Housing Opportunities and Choices
• Create Walkable Neighborhoods
• Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration
• Foster Distinctive, Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place
• Make Development Decisions Predictable, Fair and Cost Effective
• Mix Land Uses
• Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty and Critical Environmental Areas
• Provide a Variety of Transportation Choices
• Strengthen and Direct Development Towards Existing Communities
• Take Advantage of Compact Building Design

To view the Summit agenda, speakers, topics, and schedule, visit: