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Baton Rouge Organizing --- Community Conference

Baton Rouge has a drive for progressive, sustainable change and transformative justice. We are a community that values a diverse range of voices, identities and concerns. 

In the interest of these principles, Baton Rouge Organizing would like to invite local BR community members, grassroots and social justice oriented organizations to a weekend long Community Conference! 

From April 21st to April 23rd, BRO will facilitate a space where community members, poets, artists and local organizations can meet and learn from one another. Where we all we be able to share knowledge, skills and resources, and, most importantly, strengthen the bonds between community members and organizations that want to see the people of Baton Rouge thrive

The goals of the community conference include, but are not limited to, 
1) connecting and strengthening disparate efforts that are working towards social justice in the local community;

2) creating a space where knowledge, skills and resources that are valuable to these efforts to be shared; and

3) ensure that a diverse range of voices are listened to and respected. Moving forward, this conference will be a space where people who wish to enact change in the community can come together, and make their vision for a more connected, impactful, and accountable Baton Rouge a truer reality.