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Voices From the Bayou @ BRCC

Voices From the Bayou
Forum, Book Signing, and Reception
April 6, 2017 3:00 to 7:30 PM

Baton Rouge Community College Magnolia Theater
"Voices from the Bayou presents complex self-portraits of confusion, courage, and wisdom as young people in a racist society become aware, each in their own ways, of the incomprehensibility, blunt brutality, and deep pain of racism and the depth of love required to change it in the only place they can - in themselves.” - Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters.
VFTB is endorsed by Gary Zukav, Omar Tyree, and Sister Helen Prejean. Sister Prejean wrote the foreword for the book.

The writers from Baton Rouge Community College through narratives, under the advisement of Professor Clarence Nero; reveal their take on Racism, Police Brutality and the Historic Flood Of Baton Rouge in 2016.

The book is set to release on Amazon Late March and can be purchased as an E-book download now for $10 at

Please come out for free of charge and join Baton Rouge’s own young Writers for a Forum, Book Signing, and Reception.
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