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Cook & Insta for Teens @ Redstick Spice Company

Redstick Spice Company are looking for a few good teens (and their technology) to join them in the kitchen! This class, led by Anne Milneck and Photographer Mike Buck, will take teens (13-17) through prep, cook, shoot and #yum! Kids will prepare delectable dishes then take tips from Mike on plating, lighting, angles and props to create mouth-watering images. Filter or no filter? Mike will answer all the questions and provide tips for pics that will have your friends posting #getinmybelly!

Attention Moms! Pro tip: teens get more out this class when they take it with friends. Gather a group and book this class! Limiting the class to 9 students.

July 11 class features: 

Completely Customizable Grain Bowl Salad

Bacon Cheese Sliders

Very Vanilla Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Buttercream and Sprinkles

Class requirements: Smart Phone with fully charged battery and outlet charger; Ample memory space to add photos; Instagram app installed